Photo Library Terms

Photo Library Terms

Protocols for Use of the Farm & Food Care Photograph Library

The opportunity to open the barn door and visit a typical Canadian farm online is now available by visiting the Agriculture Photo Library. The library was created to provide those in agriculture education, teachers, students and media an opportunity to access accurate, up to date photographs of Ontario agriculture. In the library you will find pictures of farm animals, farm families, field crops, vegetables, orchards and fruits, animal care and handling practices, modern barns, environmental initiatives and food processing plants.

Purpose of the Library

The purpose of the library is to provide accurate, up to date photographs of agriculture for educational purposes to three target groups defined as:

  • a. Agriculture organizations
  • b. Media
  • c. Educators
  • Purpose of the protocols is to establish:

I. Library access and use guidelines
II. Distribution and tracking guidelines
III. Recognition of funding guidelines
IV. Protocol review guidelines

I. Library Access & Use Guidelines

  • a. Partners and Agriculture Groups:
    • i. The commodity partner groups that provided funding to the project have full access to the images of their specific commodity.
    • ii. Partner groups may use the images for printed educational or printed promotional uses, or their organizations website provided the low-resolution requirements (25KB or less) are met.
    • iii. Partner groups that produce for profit publications/magazines may use the images in those publications at the same usage rate as stated in Section 1.b.v (Media use).
    • iv. The partner groups may not use the images for any purpose other than educational or for their own organizations promotional pieces or publications.
    • v. Partners may access and use other partner images upon approval of all parties.
    • vi. Partners should make the effort to not "overuse" the images, when using them in their own publications.
    • vii. Farm & Food Care will have access to entire collection of images.
    • viii. Farm & Food Care may use the images in any printed educational resource and on its website.
    • ix. Limited access to specific images will be granted to other agricultural organizations on request to Farm & Food Care, for educational, non-commercial use as deemed by Farm & Food Care.
    • x. Any usage of the images by groups other than the partners or Farm & Food Care must credit theimage to: Farm & Food Care Photograph Library.
  • b. Media:
    • i. Farm media and mainstream media will have limited access to specific images that may be of use to compliment a balanced story about animal agriculture and related practices.
    • ii. Any usage of the images by media must credit the image to: Farm & Food Care Photograph Library.
    • iii. Images are supplied to the media on a one-time use basis, to re-use the same photograph, the media should ask for permission each time.
    • iv. Media may not use the images for reproduction on any website unless Farm & Food Care hasapproved the posting.
  • c. Educators:
    • i. Elementary educators will have access to requested specific images (example a beef animal at threedifferent stages of life) to assist in teaching about farming and the environment.
    • ii. Images will be for the personal educational use of each educator and may not be reproduced for purposes other than classroom use.
    • iii. Any reproduction of the images must credit the source to: Farm & Food Care Photograph Library.
  • d. Other:
    • i. The images of the library will not be mass distributed to any group or organization beyond the partner groups and Farm & Food Care.
    • ii. Only specific images may be provided and appropriate credit is must be given to the Farm & Food Care Photograph Library.
    • iii. Farm & Food Care reserves the right to refuse lending the images to any organization or individualother than the partners.
    • iv. Individuals and groups may only use the photographs for educational purposes, and Farm & Food Care has the right to verify the intentions of the use of the photograph before distributing it.
    • v. Images may not be sold for any purpose, though cost of reproducing and shipping the image may be recovered.
    • vi. Private companies wishing to use the images for agricultural educational purposes must agree in writing to provide free copies of the educational resource to Farm & Food Care and/or its partners on request.
    • vii. Images used for partner groups by public relations firms, marketing companies or printers may not be re-used in any other of their clients' materials.
    • viii. Every attempt will be made to not provide images to individuals or groups whose intention is deemed to be unfairly negative towards animal agriculture.

II. Distribution and tracking guidelines

  • i. Hosting: Farm & Food Care will physically host the entire Library and will also have selected images in digital form.
  • ii. As the host of the Library, Farm & Food Care will coordinate the lending of images.
  • iii. Any requests received by partners from third parties should be forwarded to Farm & Food Care. This will allow Farm & Food Care to track usage.
  • iv. Images will be sent in the appropriate format based on the requirement of the user.
  • v. Any images that may be deemed sensitive or internal use only; will not be lent out without previous permission granted by both the partner commodity group and Farm & Food Care. It is the responsibility of the partner group to designate to Farm & Food Care which images would fit the sensitive usage category.
  • vi. Farm & Food Care will make every effort to distribute photos in as timely of a manner as possible. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the photos are needed.

III. Recognition of Funding

  • i. Groups and individuals using the images must make every effort to recognize the Farm & Food Care Photo Library.

IV. Review of Protocols

Any concerns about the use of the library should be directed to Farm & Food Care, 100 Stone Road West, Suite 106, Guelph, ON, N1G 5L3. Phone: 519-837-1326; Fax: 519-837-3209; Email: