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Ontario Deer Industry

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There are about 250,000 deer on farms in Ontario. The main types farmed are elk, red deer, elk-red deer cross, fallow deer and white-tailed deer. The white-tailed deer, shown in this photo, account for about 1,000 animals, and only about 20 farms in Ontario, so it is a relatively small segment of the industry. White-tailed deer are raised primarily as trophy bucks to be sold into hunting preserves in other provinces, or into the US. Secondary markets for white-tailed deer are breeding stock, venison (deer meat), antlers, leather and urine (used by hunters to lure other deer). Elk and red deer account for the largest share of the Ontario deer industry. They are raised for meat and velvet antler. Velvet antler is sold as a health promotant and restorative medicinal agent for humans and pets. Fallow deer are raised primarily for meat.